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Art Prints

Drawings by Dani Bee


Ambient air surrounding, encompassing,
creating a certain mood, being,
pertaining to and noting sounds that
create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Drawing is like a meditation that creates a state of ambience,

a feeling that encompasses my soul while at work.

My mind is most content when making or learning.

I enjoy studying geometry, shapes, patterns,

symbols, music, language and textiles.

Travelling has been essential to get out of my comfort zone.

Being a witness to different cultures, people, and places.

Experiencing the journey as a destination,

revealing the vastness within and without.

Since 2004 my main focus has been working full time

with a wonderful family business called Maiwa.

There I have learned many artistic mediums 

and love co-teaching workshops on natural dyes.

Maiwa has provided great opportunities for travel,

mostly to India to work alongside exceptional artisans;

dyers, block printers, spinners, weavers, and embroiderers.

​Much of my art is inspired by these adventures and some

even began while waiting for a train or flying in a plane.


Any kind of paper and pen compels me to draw.

Often beginning with a simple shape

and start branching out.

Sometimes working free hand or

more precisely with a compass and ruler.

I love the flow of a traditional dip pen and ink.

For colours I gravitate to the whole spectrum,

and tend to use pencil crayons and earth pigments.

Recently I have been learning to draw on an iPad,

and have turned my originals into a printable format.

Procreate has so many features which is unlocking new possibilities.

I am looking forward to exploring more art with this technology.

Thank you for viewing ~

For more info please contact Dani

Colombian Cat
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