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Handmade Art

by Dani Bee


Ambient air surrounding, encompassing,
creating a certain mood, being,
pertaining to and noting sounds that
create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Colombian Cat

Drawing is a meditation that creates a state of ambience,

a feeling that encompasses my soul while at work.

In life I like to keep as busy as a bee.

My mind is most content when making or learning.

I enjoy studying patterns, symbols, textiles and languages.

Being a witness to different cultures and the ingenuity of people.

Travelling is the very essence of nature and beauty of the Universe.

Experiencing the journey as a destination, revealing the vastness of it all.

Since 2004 my main focus has been working with

a wonderful family business called Maiwa.

There I have learned many artistic mediums, 

and love co-teaching workshops on natural dyes.


Maiwa has also provided opportunities to travel,

to remote areas of India to work alongside master artisans;

dyers, block printers, spinners, weavers, and embroiderers.

​Much of my art is inspired by these adventures and some

even began while waiting for a train or flying in a plane.


Any kind of paper makes me want to start drawing.

Often I begin with a simple shape and start branching out.

Sometimes I work free hand or more precisely with a compass and ruler.

I love the feeling and flow of a dip pen and ink.

For colours: I use pencil crayons, earth pigments and watercolours.

Most recently I’ve been learning to draw on an iPad 

and have been able to turn my originals into a printable format.

Procreate has so many features which is unlocking new possibilities,

and I am looking forward to exploring this technology.


I built this website with Wix. Most products are

printed on demand and shipped worldwide through Printful.

There are possibilities of ordering wholesale and

customizing colours or products especially for you. 

As time evolves I will be adding originals,

limited edition prints, and textile work.

For more info or feedback on the art and quality of prints,

please email Dani Bee ~


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